Worker’s Comp – How to Handle Your Employers


You will find support from co-workers who give their sympathies in the unfortunate event that you will suffer an accident on the job. You would assume, too, that your employers would understand your need and the time involved to recover. Often, however, some employees have learned that because of your accident, their employers are more worried with time and money lost to the company. With respect to applying for Workers Compensation, you may have done all right, but you may find that your relationship with superiors is altered depending on the extent of your accident.Checkout Gideon Asen LLC, Portland for more info.

It’s important to remember that if your employers believe there is no cause to cover your injuries, your business will deny your argument. You work for a corporation and, as such, you are responsible for helping to keep the company stable and profitable. The business risks losing revenue and productivity when you get injured on the job and are excluded from the workplace, and if it is found that your compensation claim is valid, more cash is expended to pay your bills. Your business can end up paying higher insurance rates as more claims are paid out. There is therefore the risk that your employer would question your argument if:

They don’t feel that the injury is as serious as you say it is.

As a consequence of a pre-existing illness or accident that happened outside of work, they feel the injury has occurred.

They believe that in the hospital or at home, you don’t need so much time to heal and can return to work.

What’re you doing? You may feel hurt or discouraged, and associate the Worker’s Comp claim with a challenge as an assumption that you were not honest about your injury. One thing you do not want to do is arouse the suspicion or anger of your employers, especially if you plan to continue working for the company. With respect to the next steps, you may want to stay calm and consult with a personal injury lawyer:

If necessary, check the injury through physician records and X-rays.

In order to support your assertion, your counsel might want to consult with co-workers who have experienced your accident.

It is necessary to stay professional in the workplace and around managers and co-workers while your argument is still under consideration. If you can return to work before approving or rejecting the allegation, conduct your assignments to the best of your capacity and try not to address your situation. Listen to your representative, too, because he/she is there to assist you in obtaining the compensation you need.


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