What Exactly Is Web Design?

Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of web sites. The different fields of web design cover web graphic design; web user interface design; web authoring, which include standardised coding and proprietary applications; and web search engine optimisation. In the last few years, web design has emerged as one of the most popular fields of study worldwide. With more companies creating web sites for business and personal purposes, web designers are required more often to create these sites. A web designer is required to work closely with clients, often working as a part of a web development team, in order to produce a site that will satisfy their clients, the needs of their target audience, and meets their standards. find this
Most people associate web designers with the creation of web sites for businesses and personal use, however the field is wide and encompasses much more. Good designers can help people communicate online and make online transactions easier and more efficient. Good designers can also help people promote their products online, build professional-looking websites, and help people get better search engine rankings and higher page rankings. Web designers can help people design websites that are not only attractive, but also easy to navigate, and are aesthetically appealing as well. The combination of aesthetics and functionality is what makes the web attractive to visitors, and web design is the art of making this balance work. Web designers can help people to create professional websites that will help them achieve all of their goals, even though web design is not strictly a science.
User experience design focuses on the creation of a website that promotes a specific set of values, and which helps users experience a particular product or service in a particular way. It is an academic field that involve the study and analysis of user interaction and the design of interactive and user-friendly technology, and it considers a broad range of issues including ergonomics, visual design, interactivity, usability, memory, and learning. Many web designer jobs involve the study of usability and its effect on user experience; therefore, if you’re interested in a career in usability, a good web designer is the person you want to interview. You should ask questions about usability and how your potential web designer plans to improve it so that the end product is a user-friendly website that increases efficiency instead of causing users to feel frustrated.