Types Of Water Purifiers

Around us, there are so many types of brands of water purifiers in India. Every brand has its different types of features. The types of brands are not limited to its brands there are various types of system on which the purifiers works. Each one brand is claiming to be best. It is important to know what kind of filtering systems they used and how effective it is. After that, you can make a decision related to buying any water purifier.

water purifier price in indiaThere are some basic types of water purifiers.

  • Distillation type – this type of water purifier distill the water that means water is boiled and vapors are collected to give pure water. By this process, microorganisms are eliminated. But the disadvantage of that system is it consume so much time. It also reduces the quality of water by does not pass the oxygen.
  • Backwash type – in this process the sediments, residue and any bacteria present in water are trapped. This is not so useful because it does not kill harmful microorganisms. So it is not the best type of purifier.
  • Ultraviolet filter – it produces ultraviolet radiation more intense than the sun, which kills microorganisms like bacteria viruses molds present in the water. This system is more effective when water passing through UV filtration is free of contaminants.
  • Activated carbon type – this system uses carbon particles to filter water. The bacteria present in water stick to the carbon surfaces and the water we get is clean. But there is a disadvantage of this system is that it does not kill all organisms present in the water.

As you can see no any one type of filtration is sufficient to make water completely safe for drinking. The combination of RO and UV would be ideal for filtration process. If you have made your choice, the next step is to know the water purifier price in India. There are some purifiers that can cost a lot because of their extra features. A simpler one might just be the one you need for your home.