Types of Shutters For Your Home

Installing shutters or blinds for the home or workplace is something to seriously consider while renovating or remodelling your home. Shutters and blinds, whether installed in your house or workplace, can serve both utilitarian and cosmetic reasons. Check Plantation Shutters Reading.

Of course, the functional aspects include providing users with:

  • protection from the sun or glare from the sun
  • when required or preferred, privacy
  • ventilation without losing any of the above mentioned advantages
  • protection

While we value the utilitarian features of shutters and blinds, we must also consider the ascetic side of things, since these shutters and blinds will be visible to everyone in the home or business where they are installed. After all, if we’re going to be living or working there for a long time, we might as well make it as appealing to the eye as possible so that we can enjoy it more.

Although shutters and blinds serve the same general objective of providing shade from the sun, there are significant characteristics that distinguish them.

Solid timbers such as mahogany or pine, metal strips such as steel, or even plastics such as PVC or vinyl are used to make shutters.

Blinds, on the other hand, are nearly all constructed of soft, flexible materials like cloth or canvas, with the exception of bamboo blinds, which are made of bamboo strips, which can be considered a type of wood.

Shutters exist in a number of forms and sizes, and they can be used for a variety of reasons, but they can all be classified as either interior or exterior shutters.

Exterior shutters have a more practical purpose, such as giving shade and seclusion while protecting the door or window from the weather. These shutters are often built of more weather-resistant materials like hard wood or metal, however vinyl exterior shutters are also available. Wood such as incense cedar is commonly used for exterior wood shutter panels.

Exterior shutters, on the other hand, must be ascetically attractive to the eye, so they tend to be more expensive due to their larger role. The Decorative Iron Shutters are an excellent illustration of this blend of practicality and ornamentation. Board and batten shutters are a popular type of exterior shutter, especially in locations where the weather can be harsh, as they provide adequate protection in these conditions.