TLC Dental -The Importance of Dental Care

If you’re considering a long term relationship with a health care provider, you may be anxious about starting a new professional relationship with a general & cosmetic dentistry practice. At Carolina General & Cosmetic Dentistry we understand starting a new medical/dental relationship can be quite stressful, particularly at the beginning. We have established a culture within our firm that will help you overcome any feelings of anxiety you may have about visiting a new practice.Visit TLC Dental for more details.

When considering a long term relationship with a general & cosmetic dentistry practice, it is good practice to look at the way we treat you as a patient. During your initial visit, we ask questions about your current oral health situation and take note of any conditions you have that need immediate attention. Our office works with our members of the community to help them meet all their oral health needs, including general routine cleanings and teeth cleaning. As you meet with us, you also have the opportunity to schedule a consultation for teeth cleaning in our dental offices. This consultation is free and you are able to bring a friend or relative to provide a supportive smile.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have during your first visit so you feel comfortable knowing your needs are met in the dental office and are able to quickly address any health issues you may have. Our goal is to make you well informed about your general and specific dental care needs. In turn, this will create a trusting relationship between you and the dentist you choose, ensuring that you receive the best medical services possible.