Tips For Your Home During The Winter

According to government figures, heating accounts for more than 80% of all energy used in the home. With recent energy price spikes – and more planned – and as we move into winter and the days get colder, more people will be looking for ways to stay warm while desperately trying to save money by cutting their fuel bills! Indeed, there are several useful winter tips you can implement in your home to help you save money this winter, Under Insulated Home- Problems That Can Occur.

Getting decent insulation in your home is the most effective winter tip for lowering energy bills. Not only can building a well-insulated home save you money on your fuel bills – possibly up to two hundred pounds per year – but it will also help you combat climate change. Government incentives are available to assist with the installation of good insulation in your house, such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, in order to achieve government targets for reducing carbon emissions. Steps taken to minimise heat loss can have a significant impact on how warm your home feels, how much you spend on heating it, your carbon footprint, and, eventually, your fuel bills.

Install draught excluders under doors and on mail boxes to take smaller steps toward mitigating heat loss. Installing double glazing is obviously a major move and an expensive investment, but it will reduce heat loss by windows by half. If you don’t have double glazing, feel around your windows for draughts and use draught-proof tape strips to keep warm air from escaping.

You can also check that your radiators are bled to ensure that they are operating at full capacity, as well as that your boiler pressure is right. Use timers to give yourself control over your heating and hot water. Some energy companies are also testing schemes that allow you to monitor your heating remotely, allowing you to postpone the heating going on if you are running late from work. Also, lower the temperature on your thermostat by a couple of degrees! You probably won’t notice the difference, but the difference will be important in the long run!