Slate Roof Repair Overview

When it comes to roof coverings that are both beautiful and long-lasting, slate is hard to beat. A decent slate roof can last for more than a century, although the individual tiles can fracture or break throughout that time. Try this out as suggested here

Any form of damage to your roof, like with any other type of roofing material, can allow the elements to enter your property. If left untreated, repair expenses can quickly mount, so it’s always a good idea to get slate roof repair done as soon as possible to avoid problems worsening.

Any repairs to your roof should always be done by a roofing professional, as it can be dangerous job. It’s also possible that you’ll cause more harm than good if you make a mistake during the repair.

The first step is to clean the roof of anything that could obstruct the restoration. This could be snow, ice, or a type of flora that has taken root in the area. The slate roof repair should only commence when the region has been thoroughly cleaned.

When a tile is shattered, the fragments of the tile, as well as the nails that held it in place, are usually left on the roof. To get into the area where the damaged tool is, you’ll need a slate ripping tool. The tool’s hooks are used to extricate and catch any nails that the fractured tile has left behind.

You may need to use a hammer to secure the hooks so that they may either remove or chop the nails, allowing you to instal the new tile.

The replacement slate should be the same size as the others in the area, so check it against the others to be sure it’s the appropriate fit. If the damaged tile is still partially intact, you can use it as a pattern before trimming the replacement slate to the correct dimensions with a slate cutter.

The replacement tile can then be slipped into place, but the overlaying slates may provide some resistance. Insert the new slate with a little pressure before securing it with copper nails. Make sure you don’t overdrive the nails because they’re meant to suspend the tile rather than hold it flush.