Oil And Gas Landman

oilcompanyWhen a company is interested in drilling a well on a particular land, it is the oil and gas surveying company job to find out all of the necessary details for the acquisition to go as smoothly as possible. While it is the geologist’s job to study the seismic data and graphs for the company to determine a spot in which oil and gas are located, it is the task of the Landman to acquire the necessary documents for the company to lease the acreage so that the oil or gas drilling could start.

The Landman will then create a map of the land’s structure. They will then proceed to the courthouse in which the land is located. The purpose of this visit is to obtain a list of the landowners within the land’s vicinity. The courthouse will then provide each of the addresses and names of the individuals within the area. This will help the company get a starting point for their research. The Landman will then go through all of the phone numbers in the phone book.

Most companies check if the land has already been leased. This is the first major factor the Landman needs to check. They will talk with the large land owners within the area and ensure that the land hasn’t been leased yet. This is possible through the conveyance books that are under the last names of owners. Once it has been confirmed that the land is yet to be the lease, then they can go on with the process.

The next step of the Landman would be to determine who the mineral owner is. Keep in mind that the land owner and mineral owner can be of two different individuals. There are instances in which the land owner is not the mineral owner. The Landman will then have to go through the conveyance books once again and check with the person who possesses the mineral rights.