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The cost of less costly swimming pool additives vary based on the brand and the mission you’re aiming to achieve in the pool. There are several items available to address various pool-related problems. swimming pool chemicals Rockton offers excellent info on this.

For around 8 lbs. of chlorine tablets, you can purchase bulk volumes of 1-inch tablets for $30 – $40. For the amount of use you will get from an 8 pound box, this is a decent deal. The more you buy in bulk, as in most goods and markets, the more you save. A 100 pound box of chlorine tablets can be purchased for $250-$300.


If you do the math, you will save money and you will be paying a lower dollar price for each tablet.

Liquid algaecide can be bought by the quart for $10-$20, depending on the company, for those that have algae problems. Such algaecides are only effective against certain species of algae, while others are effective against all types, which is generally beneficial for most users.

Chemicals are also used to remove stains from the pool’s structure. These additives can improve the pool’s physical appearance, making it even more appealing to the eye. These chemicals, which effectively strip stains from cobalt, iron, manganese, and copper for $10 a quarter, can be bought online or from some pool stores in the region. They will even add a coating of stain resistance, saving you money so you won’t have to wipe up stains almost as much as you would otherwise.

Finally, there are a number of low-cost pool cleaning items available that can support the pool owner with a variety of activities. It is up to you to assess the pool and determine which pool chemical would be more effective in your specific scenario. To stop harm to both yourself and your pool, always read the directions on the tub of chemicals you buy.

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