Guide to Selling Your House Fast

If you’ve decided to sell your house fast you’ve undoubtedly realised the benefits of selling by owner – but what are the pitfalls? Cash sales of residential properties have been falling in recent years, however this does not mean that there are no money buyers still out there waiting to snap up your home.

There are of course some major advantages to selling your house fast, but these come with an equally large slice of disadvantages. By knowing what you need to consider before you get out the keys to your property, you can ensure that selling by owner is a successful and profitable venture.Link

The biggest problem you will encounter when selling by owner is that you will need to hire a professional estate agent to help sell your house – and agents are expensive. If you have already found a buyer for your property then you can arrange the deal with the agent so that he or she can arrange to buy your home from the buyer for a price you feel suits both parties. However, even if you have a buyer, the longer it takes you to sell your property by owner the more your home will be worth, and the more you will end up paying out as commission to your real estate agent.

One of the other disadvantages is that you may have to find houses that are suitable to sell by owner in a relatively short space of time. You might be able to find a suitable home within your desired location in a matter of days, however finding similar homes quickly may take you months. If the market is particularly hot then you might have to sell your home a few times before finding a buyer. You will also have to put in the effort to advertise your property – if you don’t do this effectively it could cost you more in the long run. If you are selling a home by owner you will also have to factor in your mortgage payment, since most lenders will expect you to have at least some sort of deposit set aside before they will allow you to borrow money to buy your next home. These are some of the pros and cons of selling by owner, so you need to weigh up what is best for your circumstances.