Dental Implants – Understanding Implants

The most popular type of dental implants used in the United States today are the crowns. These crowns, or implants of the same material, are placed on the back, side and front of your mouth to replace missing teeth or other physical defects that can’t be repaired through tooth replacement. Crowns can also be used to reconstruct a portion of your bite. Crowns work best when they are placed on the back, side or front of your mouth. Our website provides info about Dental Implants.
A crown is made of an assimilated material that interfaces with the jaw bone or skull so that it supports a dental implant such as a root canal, crown, bridge or denture. The crown is designed to resemble the natural surface of the tooth, but with an additional crown base that contains a pocket or cavity. Because of this, a crown has to fit into the right place or else will not be effective. A dentist makes sure the crown fits perfectly and that he or she makes sure the right area of the tooth is covered. In order for the crown to look just like the natural surface of your tooth, a dentist makes sure the area around the crown is smooth. This means there are no grooves or depressions left behind. If there are any, they need to be filled up before the crown is installed.
Another important part of dental implants is the supporting bone. Bone plays an important role because it holds the tooth in place so you can eat properly. Without the bone, the tooth is likely to slip out of place during eating, leading to pain during eating or jaw clenching. The supporting bone is typically designed to match the shape of the natural bone. However, it must be large enough to hold the dental implant securely in place. If it’s too small, the implant won’t sit tightly in place or it won’t stay in place at all.