Call of the hour – Anastasiadate DDos investigation

AnastasiaDate DDOS investigationThere is no doubt the internet and communications are an essential part of our life. This facility has changed our life and every aspect is now under the influence of this. There are many people who indulge in online dating and trying hard to find the correct soul mate for this their through dating websites like Anastasiadate. This dating website is also controversial and many people even complain about some members who are just cheating others by fake profiles. Certainly, all the members are not like this and some are ruining the overall reputation of this highly visited website. In addition to this, it is also in the news at present due to cyber crime and Anastasiadate DDos investigation.

DDos stands for Distributive denial of services and hackers use this as a potential weapon to disrupt the performance of a good website which is popular. They willfully increase the overall traffic on the website and it fails to perform properly as a result of unexpectedly high traffic. In addition to this, people also suffer because they are direct to this dating website without any reason. They are also not able to open the web page which they want to. This serious threat attracted the attention of high authorities and now they are searching the person who is accountable for this.

Final Wods

There is no doubt that good organization must encourage professional and ethical hackers to go ahead and do courses like forensics specialist to deal with such problems. If we will not stay ahead than culprits, it will be very hard for us to think about doing secure business transactions online. We should also not forget the fact the nuclear system is also open for such threat and it is time to sharpen our skills enough to deal with the situation in a more practical and appropriate manner.