All about Well Pump

A well pump is an electronic device which is utilized to extract water out of a deep water well by using a pumping action. This device may have the capacity to work on a single well or can be fitted with a number of wells.Learn more about us at Well Pump

The most commonly installed well pumps are operated using electric motors because they do not involve too much power and also have high reliability. However, there are certain well pumps which are run using oil or propane fuel which has higher performance than the electric motors. Well, pumps use the following mechanisms. Water is moved from the reservoir by a pipe or a line to the well while an electrical motor is employed to move the pipe or the line through the desired path.

In some well pumps, the motor and the pipe are fitted on the same shaft and the motor is operated by a switch so that it can be switched on and off according to the water supply available. The working of the device is similar to the working of the water mains pump. The main difference between the two is that the water pump moves water from the reservoir into the well while the mains pump moves water from the reservoir to the house. The water mains pump is generally used for larger homes, whereas the well pump is used for small residential homes and even apartments. It is very important to choose the right well pump for your home.

Some well pumps may need you to install pressure tanks in order to maintain the water pressure at all times. If you do not need such pressure tanks then you will have to buy an alternative device that may need installation in your home. Well, pumps are usually available in various sizes and models. You should buy a well pump which has the capacity to pump sufficient water for your home. This capacity will depend on the total volume of water in the reservoir as well as the total pressure of the water present in the pipes or the line.