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Critical response to Game of Thrones show has been largely positive. Both of the first two seasons appeared on Time’s Best of lists for 2011 and 2012. The Washington Post also listed season one in their best of 2011 TV series. If you wish to learn more about this, visit more info here

Critics in reviewing the series have noted the high production values, well-realized worlds and compelling characters. Performances of the largely British and Irish cast have been widely praised. Several critics have also noted the child talent presented in the show with 14-year-old Maisie Williams a stand out.

Entertainment Weekly praised the series storytelling, describing it as “vivid, vital and just plain fun”. The Hollywood Reporter wrote the show made a “strong case for being one of TV’s best series”.

Most criticism of the series has been levelled at the amount of sex and nudity shown on Game of Thrones, particularly in scenes labelled as incidental to the plot. The New York Times was disapproving of the characters, suggesting a lack of complexity as well as a ‘meandering plot’.

Another criticism cast by more than one reviewer is aimed at the levels of torture portrayed in the series. Jezebel described some scenes as “senseless, objectifying violence and sexual imagery”.

Popularity and the unique nature of the series suggest several years to come for fans to be treated. With viewer numbers estimated at over 10 million per episode, Game of Thrones is now the third most popular series in HBO history.