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A family law attorney counsels clients on a wide array of pertinent legal matters related to family matters. Divorce cases are the most common, yet family law attorneys also provide their legal services in instances of adoption, pre-nuptial agreement, juvenile, spousal abuse, grandparent’s custody and child support, restraining orders, property settlements, and a variety of other family related matters. As the need for a family law attorney grows, so does the need for qualified legal education. Attorneys who specialize in family law must have attended an accredited law school before they can practice legally. They must also pass the bar exam for a practicing lawyer, in order to practice in a state.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Yaffa Family Law Group, Boca Raton.

A typical family law attorney will work in the following areas: adoption, adultery, annulment, separation, single parenting, child support, trial, divorce, spousal abuse, guardianship, visitation, child custody and protection, paternity, and termination of parental rights. While most of these areas of family law matter are extremely similar, there are some key differences within each area.

For instance, in adoption cases, paternity is a key issue, where a non-custodial parent may contest the legitimacy of the child’s father; in a divorce case involving child custody and visitation rights, where the custodial parent may seek visitation rights with the child of the other parent; and in a case involving a prenuptial agreement or other agreement concerning the division of conjugal property, where the terms of the agreement will be taken into consideration by the courts.

There are many areas of family law that do not fall within the realm of civil law. For example, in the matter of adoption, when adopting a child it is up to the court to determine the best interest of the child, and that decision can only be made after an investigation of the adoptive parents and of the adoptive child themselves. In the area of child support, while the mother is generally considered the biological mother of the child, in many jurisdictions she is considered the caregiver. And in the area of divorce, although joint physical custody is often granted to both parents, if abuse or domestic violence has occurred during the marriage, then the court is likely to order joint physical custody. If a child has been removed from the care of his or her natural parents and placed in the care of someone else, then the courts will also consider this when deciding the custody issues involved.

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