The Relationship Between Radon And Health Problems

Radon is an invisible, odorless, colorless and tasteless noble gas, whose odor is detected by the exhaling of the lungs and its absorption by the skin, and whose presence in the environment can cause serious health hazards. Radon is defined as the accumulated radium or uranium in the soil, air, and water. Radon gas has a number of important uses for people who are exposed to it in the workplace such as for example radium plumbers, air conditioning repairmen, railway workers, mining engineers, household and garden gas cleaners, railway freight conductors and others. But the most common Radon poisoning is through radon gas that can be breathed into your lungs when inhaling the radioactive gas from radon mines or through radon shower curtains that you may use to remove radon gas from the house or from the air. If you’re looking for more tips, Radon Mitigation of the Rockies Colorado Springs – radon has it for you.

We must keep in mind that radon consists of three major elements uranium, radium and lead. The other elements are Pb and Pu. Uranium is the main ingredient of radon and this element passes on only if it comes into contact with an element containing lead. You will find that the greater the concentration of lead, the more dangerous the Radon gas is for you as compared to other elements. Lead paint and gasoline contain high levels of lead and these should be avoided by all means; you can also minimize your risk of being exposed to Radon gas by using air-conditioners and heating systems that are operated by gas and oil-fired boilers.

Radon can be accumulated in the soil by natural movement of the soil, but the best way to know the exact level of radon in the surrounding area is to have your home tested by a qualified Gas Safe Register inspector who uses latest radon measurement systems such as the Radon Monitor for Land and Air. A Radon test will not only give you an approximate amount of radon gas in the atmosphere, but will also determine if there is any existing lung damage associated with radon inhalation. If the results of the Radon measurement prove that there is a high level of radon gas present in the air, then your next step would be to get your house tested by a certified Land and Air Surveyor who would conduct Radon Testing and if the results confirm that you are exposed to high level of radon gas then you should take remedial action immediately. A Radon test kit is available from any good Gas Safe Register company and the instructions on its use are included.