The Medicare Factor in Long Term Care Planning

The History of Medicare and Health Insurance in the United States The United States does not have a true national health care plan, despite having a vision to include a universal health plan such as Medicare. Despite the fact that universal health insurance, also known as national health care plans, was conceived in the twentieth century, the United States has opposed its introduction. In fact, the United States is one of the few developed countries that does not have true universal health care. Weslaco medicare insurance is an excellent resource for this.

Blue Cross policies were the first private health insurance services to be developed throughout the country. Individuals used to pay for particular hospitals on a prepaid basis, but this was later changed to include any funded hospital. The person will pay a monthly fee to ensure that he was cared for for a fixed number of days.

Another proposal from the 1940s was the Blue Shield scheme. It provided for the payment of doctor services in advance. The development of the initiative presented a realistic alternative to a comprehensive health-care plan. The Blue Shield and Blue Cross plans gradually combined to form Blue Cross Blue Shield, which we know today.

A national health-care insurance scheme has yet to gain momentum in the United States for a number of reasons. Since the American Medical Association has resisted the existence of a national scheme, the employer-sponsored insurance plan has served as a further impetus to prevent developing one. Since employers can deduct the plans they give their workers, there has been no movement in Congress to reform the definition of employer-sponsored plans.

Medicare is the closest the United States has come to instituting universal health care. In 1965, Medicare was created.


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