The Hair Growth Cycle-Short Note

The hair growth cycle has three stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Understanding these stages can help you see that certain hair growth home remedies are more effective than consumer items. Have a look at The Hair Growth Cycle for more info on this.

Anagen is a term used to describe a

It grows at a steady rate of about a half-inch per month at this point. For the next three to seven years, it will be in this stage. Your hair is being nourished by the blood from the root at this time. It has a strong grip on the hair follicle. This is when improving blood supply and nutritional intake can have the greatest impact.

The more your hair is cared for, the longer it will last in this stage. You can do this by making a few basic dietary modifications that involve b vitamins.

Catagen is a term used to describe a

This is the shortest period of the hair growth cycle, lasting an average of two to four weeks. Hair detaches from the blood stream at this point and prepares to be replaced, as a new one forms to drive it out. Again, nutrients and blood flow are critical for the development of new hair to replace the one that is about to fall out.

Telogen is a term used to describe a

In the hair growth stage, this is also known as the resting process. The hair gradually falls out, and new hairs grow in its place. Keeping your scalp clean and your follicles unclogged at this point is crucial for when new ones try to emerge. After this point, clogged follicles can result in hair thinning. During this time, you can use some hair growth home remedies to remove the dead skin and wax from your scalp and get good results. Telogen lasts about three months on average.

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