Dental Implants-An Overview

A dental implant is a titanium “root” device used in dentistry to support restorations that look like a tooth or a group of teeth to replace lost teeth. A typical implant is a titanium screw with a roughened or smooth surface that resembles a tooth root. The majority of dental implants are constructed of commercially […]

All About Dental Implants

With dental implants, the entire process from receiving your initial consultation to having a tooth replacement done has been streamlined. You don’t have to fly to the hospital for surgery, you don’t have to deal with the pain or discomfort of a tooth being extracted and you don’t even have to worry about missing teeth. […]

Knowing About Dental Implants

You have a lot of choices if you’re looking for a dentist in Derby (unlike some parts of the UK where patients are forced to wait long periods for dental appointments). Derby has a significant number of cosmetic, orthodontist, and paediatric dentists, as well as a number of nationally known experts in fields such as […]