Slip and Fall Lawyer – Reporting the Incident

When it comes to facts, a slip and fall attorney considers all aspects of a case. When a client comes in for a consultation, the first thing they normally ask is whether the incident was reported to the property owner or the organisation that uses the room. A legal professional will often encourage clients to go back and fill out a report on what happened, whether it happened yesterday or two months ago. The more information you have, the better. Have a look at Car Accident Lawyer for more info on this.
Choosing the Correct Person
When an incident happens, it is important to report it as soon as possible. Although informing a passing employee may speed up assistance, it is not considered an official notification. A slip and fall attorney needs to make sure that the client met with a company representative and completed the requisite paperwork.
This does not imply that a representative from the corporate office in another city or state must travel to the site. It does imply that the incident should be addressed by those with authority to speak for the business. If required, a slip and fall attorney will be present at the reporting.
Completing the Forms
Some businesses have a one-page form that records any events that occur on the premises. The same form is used if an employee is injured on the job or a customer is injured during a visit. Victims should take advantage of the opportunity regardless of what the organisation provides. Ensure that all basic details, such as the date and time, is included. If at all practicable, describe what happened in detail. It is ideal to provide any detail that demonstrates how the other party could have been responsible for the incident. The most important thing is to double-check that all data is right.