Questions to Ask a Bail Bondsman about the Bail Process

Most people are unfamiliar with the bail process, but it is actually a fairly straightforward procedure intended to secure the rights of arrestees to a fair trial for their suspected crime. The bail bonds industry as a whole works in two ways across the United States: federal crimes have their own bail bonds rules, while state crimes have a bail mechanism that differs slightly based on local legislation. Click more info here.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Although the bail process can be impacted logistically depending on the type of detention facility your loved one is in, as well as the crime they are charged with, California bail bonds operate the same way regardless of venue. Here are some questions to ask a bail bondsman before deciding to pay for their services if you’re looking for bail details.

Bail Fees

Although it may be self-evident that a client will want to know how much bail bonds facilities cost, there is a significant reason for doing so that you may not be aware of.

The California Department of Insurance has laws in place that stipulate that a bail bondsman can only charge a fee of 10% of the total bail amount. It is legally illegal to charge any more or less, and working for a company that does so will get you into even more trouble.

If you or a loved one is putting up valuable assets as leverage, make sure your bail bondsman is charging the correct sum. The 10% bail cost law applies to all bail bonds and bail bonds in the state of California.

Bail Bondsman with a License

In Los Angeles, only state-licensed agents or firms (also licenced by the California Department of Insurance) are allowed to post bail bonds.
Bail sums are normally in the tens of thousands of dollars, but they can exceed hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for high-profile offences. In order to cover these substantial sums in the event that a criminal tries to escape their trial, a licenced bail bondsman is often backed by a specialist insurance company. Make sure the bail bonds business you’re thinking of is approved by the State Department of Insurance and that all of their licences are up to date.

Bail Release Time

This is clearly a critical concern, but it’s important to remember that when it comes to getting you released, bail bondsmen are frequently at the mercy of the police department or other law enforcement holding facility.
Since a bail bondsman must also physically present in order to free an arrestee, many bail bonds firms would highlight how easily they will get customers out of jail. Today, however, it is possible to start the release process via fax or email, which speeds up the bail process. You’ll almost certainly be released from prison as soon as bureaucratically possible if a bail bonds firm or agent agrees that they can do so.

Recognize that each jail is unique, and the level of operation at each prison varies from day to day. Those detained at the Twin Towers, the Orange County Jail, the Riverside County Jail, or any other county detention centre in Los Angeles would face far longer release periods than those detained at local police stations.