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A dentist, also called a dentists, is a dentist who specializes mainly in dentistry, particularly the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral conditions and diseases. The dentist’s support staff helps in giving general dental care. Some dentists use the term “dentist” to mean a general practitioner who treats all patients with minor problems of teeth and oral hygiene. These dentists also give specialized treatment for children and cosmetic dentistry. this link
A dentist can provide tooth extractions when the pulp of a tooth is either dead or infected, or if there are deep dental decay or other problems. The root canal is a very common procedure for which the dentist can perform the operation without any supervision from a medical professional. In the case of tooth extraction, the tooth is cleaned, sterilized, sealed, and an anesthetic is applied to make the patient relaxed. The anesthetic helps in avoiding any pain during the dental surgery.
Other procedures like root canal, fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, and tooth implants can be performed by a dentist. X-rays are often used by dentists to detect tooth decay, abscesses, cysts, bone loss, gum disease, toothaches, cavities, fractures of the teeth, and other problems of the mouth. The x-rays help in preventing any bacterial infection in the teeth after performing the necessary treatments. X-rays can also be used to check whether there are any foreign bodies inside the mouth. Teeth can be restored back to their normal condition after the dentist performs extensive research on the dental condition and takes into account the patient’s budget.