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If you’re wondering what the Puff Bar is, it’s a new electronic cigarette that is supposed to give you the same feel as a traditional cigarette, but without all the chemicals. These cigarettes are supposed to be sold in college campuses and other public areas, but they are illegal in many states because of the dangers they represent. So what makes these cigarettes so dangerous? puff bar is an excellent resource for this. The truth is that they have some serious dangers. When compared to other tobacco products, these cigarettes put you at more risk of cancer and death. It’s simply unfair to consumers who have been mislead into thinking that they are smoking a healthy, alternative to cigarettes when in fact they are exposing themselves to more danger.


The FDA sent the letters after the company failed to comply with the law and failed to make the necessary modifications to their e-juice to meet the requirements required by the law. When contacted by the media, the company denied all responsibility for the incident and recommended against using their e-liquids and flavored refill kits in order to sell their product. However, when contacted again by The Smoking Hotline, they admitted that their e liquids, which were originally called Cool-Flowers, included menthol, a substance known to cause coughing, wheezing, and similar respiratory side effects. They also admitted to providing customers with false information and did not forward the correct instructions about how to use their product correctly.

The company did not replace the names of all the flavors they included with their puff devices and instead provided a list of flavors they felt would be most appropriate to sell. In addition to advising customers not to use their products in any way that would harm their lungs or put them at risk for developing cancer, Puff Bar also recommends that they not consume their product if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, The Smoking Hotline suggested that consumers should avoid using the device if they are allergic to menthol or nicotine. If you have any questions about the safety of the Cool-Flowers or puff bar, or other personal care items for that matter, you should consult a licensed health care provider.

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