How to Choose a Retirement Planner or Financial Planner

A retirement planning calculator is a tool that helps you work out your retirement and financial plans based on the information entered. The information entered in these calculators is either an estimate of what you would earn at retirement age, or how much your current assets would be based on various assumptions. A well-qualified retirement planning calculator can be used to work out different kinds of investments and see how much you could potentially earn depending on your current lifestyle. Retirement planning calculators are essential tools for financial and retirement planning. For more details click Honolulu retirement planners.

Good retirement planners will also have a specialised skill set that goes way beyond just providing basic financial advice or stock market investment advice. Like most financial planners, good retirement planners will also know your individual financial goals. Good retirement planners or advisors can provide information on: when to take Social Security age benefits in a wise way for your expected retirement income. They will also know when to use a Roth IRA for your retirement income or a traditional IRA for your retirement savings.

When using a financial planner or retirement planner it is important to make sure they are registered with the TASC (The Association of Retired Persons) and have a TASC registration number. They should also be registered with the Commission on Retirement Scholarship Trusts (CRTS) – this is an organization which sets standards for financial planners and retirement planners to adhere to. You should ask for references from any clients they currently or previously have served. There should be a disclaimer at the bottom of the form that states the planner or retirement planner receives a fee for services rendered. Make sure the fee is a minimum of 1% of the total assets handled – you want to get as much money back from your plan as possible. You should also ask for the name of any regulatory agency, professional association or other organizations that they belong to.