How Hiring a DUI Lawyer Can Save You Money In The Long Run

You may believe that being charged with a DUI or DWI (driving while drunk) will never happen to you, but you are mistaken. Every year, 1.5 million people in the United States are arrested and charged with DUI. You do not have to be “wasted” to be charged, contrary to popular belief. The body processes alcohol at varying speeds, so the one drink per hour rule for staying sober is merely a guideline, and numerous variables, some of which are beyond your control, might alter that. Weight, BMI, liver and overall health, alertness prior to drinking, hydration level, and the real size (vs perceived size) of your drinks can all contribute to the error of driving while inebriated.Have a look at more info here  on this.

When you are stopped for a DUI, the officer will inquire as to how many drinks you have consumed. Telling the truth is normally a good thing, but when it comes to being arrested for DUI, you don’t want to tell the truth in this situation. Saying “zero” drinks will just raise suspicions, so it’s advisable to be modest and say “two/three.” While two or three drinks may seem insignificant, it is possible to be legally drunk after only a few drinks, thus the officer is unlikely to probe this response further.

After you’ve been processed through the system and released, you might consider hiring a DUI lawyer. Once you’ve found one, the lawyer will ask you questions regarding the circumstances leading up to your DUI, including the question the cop asked you: “How many drinks have you had?” It’s critical that you inform your lawyer what you told the officer. This information can be used by your lawyer to negotiate a reduction in your fees/fines, community service hours, and jail time. Returning to the first line, the court systems recognise that numerous elements come into play when someone is legally intoxicated, and if you and your lawyer both say you’ve had “two/three” drinks, the judge will take it into consideration when sentencing you.

While hiring a lawyer may appear to be prohibitively expensive at first, and you may be tempted to keep your head down and rush through the court procedure as quickly as possible, don’t! Although a qualified DUI lawyer may cost more up front, he or she can save you thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of community service, and countless hours or days in jail.