How Do Braces Work?

Dental braces, sometimes called invisalign braces, are devices typically used in orthodontic braces which straighten and align teeth so as to improve dental hygiene and also correct dental abnormalities. These devices are usually fitted right into the jawbone at the back of the tooth. They can either be used for straightening and positioning teeth or for straightening crooked teeth. They work on the principle of the bite being a learned behavior and correction is achieved by altering the natural alignment of teeth over time. They are generally used on children and teenagers, but may also be used on adults who have suffered from severe misalignment.Kindly visit Wichita braces to find more information.

Clear aligners are a type of dental braces, which have a clear plastic coating on their surfaces which allows a bleaching agent to be applied onto them. Invisalign braces which are a revolutionary type of braces are made of clear plastic which allow a dentist to apply an invisible aligner to each tooth. The clear aligners can be seen when a mirror is placed above them, although they cannot normally be seen once they have been fitted. Clear aligners are the most common type of braces available for use in orthodontists’ offices today and are suitable for children as well as adults.

Braces consist of metal brackets which are affixed to the front surface of each tooth. Teeth are lengthened by the addition of these brackets over a period of time using one of several methods, including manual stretching or using mouth-guard devices. Bonded wires and metal brackets make up other parts of the braces system. These include: metal wires which are clipped on to the brackets, which pull the brackets towards the jawline; brackets which hold the wires in place and push the bands into place; and clear o-rings that are worn on the ends of the wires. Dentists usually supply patients with all of these components of their treatment, although patients themselves can usually buy these items from their dentists.

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