Excavator – A Modern Construction Equipment

Excavator is the general term given to a number of different types of back hoes that are built on the basis of a tractor. These are large construction equipment made to dig for dirt and transport it for further mining operations. Excavators are generally used for mining sand, gravel, stone and other construction materials. Their origin goes back to the 1800’s when the Ford Motor Company was interested in developing a vehicle which could dig the burrs in the ground so that it could make more room in the assembly line for more cars. With the passage of time this invention became the general name for all types of back hoes till the present. Our website provides info about Excavator.
Excavators are very large building machinery consisting of a bucket, boom, cabin and trap on a revolving platform known as the “trailer”. The bucket of Excavator is made of either metal or plastic material that is strong enough to hold the weight of the Excavator. The cabin and the trap of Excavator consist of welded steel that prevents the bucket from moving on its axis.
All types of Excavators including the Hydraulic Excavator have a hydraulic motor that controls its movement and rotates the bucket in three dimensions. It is fitted with pedals and one or two gears fixed on the front and rear ends to move the bucket and gear by hand or by a gear shift mechanism. Hydraulic Excavator is one of the most commonly used excavator in the modern world, they are highly durable, robust and reliable and they can go through any terrain very easily. There are a number of companies that produce and supply Excavator to their customers around the world. You can find them online by searching for the specific type of excavator that you need.