Electrolysis – A Hair Removal Service For You

Laser hair removal looks like a daunting task at first blush, but really the process is as easy as scheduling an appointment. It’s also pretty painless. And is often completed within a few hours over a lunch period. So it doesn’t take long to see a doctor and get on a course for eliminating unwanted body hair.Have a look at Voila Electrolysis – Pittsburgh for more info on this.

The goal of laser hair removal is to reduce hair growth by removing the hair follicle by applying a light pulse of energy directly to the root of the hair. This causes the root to snap shutting off the supply of blood to the follicle. At least six treatments are required to achieve results. It’s very important that you find a licensed provider to avoid damage to the skin. You may be wondering how many treatments will be necessary?

Well, with laser hair removal, the number of sessions needed will depend on the area being treated and how thick the hair is. Thinner hairs will need fewer sessions than if you were to go for shaving. Also, the process is more effective with darker hair colors so fewer sessions are needed for each color. In fact, a three-month treatment schedule is recommended so that you can get the results you want and be able to return to your daily routine without pain or discomfort. In addition, after a few laser hair removal sessions, your unwanted hairs should fall out completely.