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Get the address of a new client’s home or workplace any time you meet with him. Obtain his permission to give him a mailing, and then send out such daily letters on a regular basis. Even if your client does not need your legal assistance, he is likely to know someone who does. You keep yourself and your law firm in the minds of those who are more than likely to recommend your services by sending out daily mailings.Learn more by visiting Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, P.C.

When it comes to raising public awareness, the most effective way to do so is through an effective advertisement campaign. You may need to design ads that are unique to your type of customer, but you can easily advertise your law firm in a variety of communication media. You have access to radio advertisements, TV spots, banners, commercials, and a variety of other forms of advertisement, and your advertising potential is only limited by your imagination.

It is important that you do your part to raise public awareness of your law firm in order to generate more law firm leads. The following are some of the most effective ways to generate law firm leads and attract more clients to your firm:

Having your current and former clients to refer customers to your law firm is the perfect way to get local clients and create more leads. If you have already won a tough case for a client, you will find that they are far more likely to refer others to your firm than to a lawyer they are unfamiliar with. You might only need to ask former clients to refer their friends and associates to your law firm, particularly if you have a good relationship with them. The more people who tell others about your services, the more likely you are to generate law firm leads via the most effective advertising method: word of mouth.