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Specifications: Blue Dream is heavily dominant sativa with a touch of indica that gets its name from the dark green colour of the leaves under heavy trichomes. Health benefits: The best insomnia medication available, as well as a successful “baseline” treatment for pain sufferers who only need minor breakthrough therapy. Blue Dream is a popular choice at dispensaries because of its distinct appearance. Definitely a nighttime medication, with budtenders more often prescribing it to pain patients and people who have trouble sleeping. Checkout Missouri Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations for more info.

Details: Don’t be put off by the name; this light green / orange / blue indica / sativa hybrid has a strong body effect and is very enjoyable. This strain’s strong sativa blend makes it ideal for people who suffer from chronic pain or who use MMJ to treat depression or other mental health issues. Green Crack is a short-acting medicinal medication that is ideal for a “mid-day” dose, particularly for pain patients seeking a breakthrough cure. Specifications: 90% indica Sativa-dominant strain with a deep purple hue. It’s the hybrid to top all hybrids, with a beautiful appearance that attracts patients uniquely to that strain. It relieves muscle spasms and back pain, among other things. Patients with restless leg syndrome or other muscle system disorders will benefit from this treatment.

This indica-dominant strain has a straightforward “A” rating. It’s best used at night because it has strong effects on both the mind and the body, which is typical of a mixture. Details: This is a 100% pure indica strain. An Afghani potato and the ever-popular Train Wreck cross. A-Train has a soft, citrus undertones taste that embodies all that is great about indicas. Health benefits: Increases appetite and lowers blood pressure in the brain. Patients with glaucoma or other eye problems, as well as patients with chronically ill appetite issues, may benefit from this plant.