Concerning Slate Roof Tiles

When it comes to roof coverings that are both stunning and long-lasting, slate is hard to beat. A good slate roof can last for more than a century, but the individual tiles can crack or break during that period.For more information, visit their website at slate roof tiles.

Any type of damage to your roof, as with any other type of roofing material, will cause the elements to invade your house. If left unattended, repair costs will easily mount, so it’s always a good idea to have slate roof repair completed as soon as possible to prevent problems worsening.

Any repairs to your roof should always be performed by a roofing professional, as it can be hazardous work. It’s also likely that you’ll do more harm than good if you make a mistake during the repair.

The first step is to clear the roof of everything that might hinder the repair. This may be snow, ice, or a form of growth that has taken root in the area. The slate roof repair can only begin after the area has been thoroughly cleaned.

When a tile is broken, the remains of the tile, as well as the nails that held it in place, are usually left on the roof. To get into the area where the damaged tool is, you’ll need a slate ripping tool. The tool’s hooks are used to remove and capture any nails that the broken tile has left behind.

You will need to use a hammer to secure the hooks so that they can either loosen or slice the nails, allowing you to mount the new tile.

The replacement slate should be the same size as the others in the field, so check it against the others to make sure it’s the right match. If the damaged tile is still mostly intact, you can use it as a reference before trimming the fresh slate to the correct dimensions with a slate cutter.

The new tile can then be slid into place, though the overlapping slates can provide some resistance. Insert the fresh slate with a little pressure before securing it with copper nails. Make sure you don’t overdrive the nails because they’re supposed to hang the tile rather than keep it flush.