Chicago Fashion Photographers Association- Insights

A fashion photographer deals with photography, fashion trends, and style. A typical fashion photographer will take photographs of women, men, babies, weddings, special events, and others. The main objective of a fashion photographer would be to highlight the clothes, accessories or costume on models during photography or when photographing a mannequin or an actual model. Many fashion photographers can work for fashion magazines or popular fashion magazines.Checkout Chicago Fashion Photographers Association for more info.

Fashion Photographers should have artistic vision as well as technical skill in order to create a memorable image that will capture the attention of their audience and have them come back for more. It is not enough to have good lighting techniques and exposure settings. Fashion photographers should also be skilled in other areas such as composition, photo editing, color correction, technical aspect of the shoots, and use of props and materials. They should also know how to obtain the desired effect through the use of different photo editing techniques including contrast, colors, tones, and lighting techniques. The use of sound effects and music in the photographs should also be carefully planned and implemented.

Fashion photography has changed over time and the focus has shifted from the high fashion magazines, wedding photo shoots and fashion weeks to portrait style shoots that are more focused on individuals, their styles, their individual personalities and interests. Many fashion photographers have honed their skills in this new landscape, becoming highly sought after professionals. As the world of high fashion continues to change, so too does the field of fashion photography.