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There are plant compounds that have a hormone-like effect on the body, though it is not commonly referred to as herbal hormone replacement therapy. The ones we know the most about are called “phytoestrogens,” and they have an estrogenic-like effect on the body, as the name implies. Natural hormone replacement therapy” is another concept that is often used in advertisements. When choosing a treatment plan, keep in mind that this word can technically refer to a variety of different treatments.Do you want to learn more? Visit ED treatment Sarasota

The urine of pregnant mares is used in traditional hormone replacement therapy. You may come across stories of research involving “equine oestrogens,” which is actually oestrogen derived from horses. This form of therapy is known as “natural hormone replacement therapy” since the oestrogen source is “natural.” If you’re looking for herbs and plants that can help with menopause symptoms (or herbal hormone replacement therapy), you may not be interested in equine oestrogens. However, they are theoretically natural.

Researchers discovered in the mid-1970s that women who took equine oestrogens to alleviate menopause symptoms were much more likely to develop cancer of the endometrium (uterine lining) than women who did not take hormones during menopause. As a result of this study, pharmaceutical companies have added a synthetic hormone called progestin to equine oestrogens, which is similar to progesterone developed by the ovaries. While this form of combination HRT should not be referred to as natural hormone replacement therapy, some people may refer to it as such because the progestin source is a plant.

Equine oestrogens thickened the endometrium in theory, but the lining was not shed if a woman’s cycles had ended. The lining was shed as a result of the progestin, lowering the risk of endometrial cancer. Progestin has the drawback of raising the risk of breast cancer. Combination HRT raises a woman’s risk of blood clots and stroke, according to the Women’s Health Initiative. They came to the conclusion that the dangers of HRT outweigh the benefits.