All about Wake up With Puffy Eyes

Waking up with puffy under eyes isn’t the most ideal way to start the day. There are a few at-home tricks that can be used to try and quickly reduce puffy eyes. Then there’s a long-term plan which involves giving skin what it needs to handle under eye puffiness. Spoiler alert: none of the suggestions involve the stereotypical response of urging for more sleep. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Why Do I Wake up With Puffy Eyes?

Make Things Ice Cold

One of the most common at-home puffy eyes remedies is the ice cube. Taking a piece of ice and applying it to the under eye area for five minutes can reduce puffy eyes fast. The cold temperature of the ice stimulates circulation under the eye. This helps the body deal with puffiness naturally. While this method works great, it can’t be counted on as an everyday relief measure. Don’t leave the ice on for too long, either, since that may cause a skin rash.

Think About Prevention

The best everyday relief for puffy under eyes is an under eye cream. It may seem like just another cream, but eye creams are designed specifically for the skin around the eye. Headaches require aspirin. Cuts require bandages. And skin problems require skin creams.

There are lots of under eye creams that are worth checking out. A simple internet search will yield plenty of possibilities. Make sure to review ingredients, promised results, and company information before choosing which skin cream to try. Using an under eye cream everyday will help reduce puffy eyes and even get rid of dark circles. Most creams can be applied twice; once in the morning and again in the evening.

Better Diet and Less Caffeine

People love their coffee, but sometimes all that caffeine can lead to trouble. Included on that list of cons are puffy eyes. When reviewing the possible causes of under eye puffiness it is easy to overlook hydration. The types of drinks you intake matter when attempting to correct a skin issue.

Being dehydrated can lead to dark circles and under eye puffiness. Cutting back on caffeine and replacing it with fresh water will be a difference that can be both seen and felt. No, not because limiting caffeine makes people tired, but because water helps people flush their bodies of toxins.

It’s also important to consider diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables than fast food is going to pay off both immediately and in the long run. Not only with the waistline decrease, but so will the puffy eyes. Reduce puffy eyes by taking action. Make the necessary changes, find an under eye cream that works, and let puffiness become a distant memory.