About Single Stage and Variable Speed ACs

Single stage and variable speed air conditioners can be used for the same purposes as other types of units, but with less control. As a consumer, you want your air conditioner to work as hard as possible for the money that you’re spending, not only for initial startup costs but for keeping your system working efficiently well after you’ve purchased it. Air conditioners that run on a single stage are much less expensive to purchase, but they are less efficient at cooling and dehumidifying your home. This means that by the time you’ve paid your air conditioner’s initial installment, it could be costing you more in electricity than it is saving you in cooling costs.For better tips view this post

A variable speed system on the other hand is designed to keep your system more effectively chilled, while at the same time allowing you more control over its speed. For instance, in a high demand room, you may not want your system to run as slowly as possible in order to save on cooling costs. Likewise, you might find that a lower rate unit would be more cost effective in a lower demand area. A variable speed air conditioning system allows you to choose which areas you want your system to cool and which areas you don’t want it to run. This way, you can control how much money you’re spending in your cooling bills, while helping to maintain a higher quality of life in the areas that you do use your air conditioner.

Single stage air conditioning systems are good for some situations, but if you are going to use one, you’ll probably want to look at the pros and cons of both units before you make a decision. While a single stage system is less expensive to purchase, you may not be getting all the benefits of a variable speed system. Before you buy an air conditioning system, you should also make sure that you take a look into the AC system’s energy efficiency rating to make sure that you’re buying the right product for your home. In addition to the difference in initial cost between single stage and variable-speed systems, you can also expect lower AC efficiency over the life of the unit.